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Radio Imaging

Radio imaging is one of the best ways to make your radio station unique and attractive. To get the best results, your radio station has to be branded using best imaging available. At BESD, we create the most amazing and compelling imaging for all kinds of radio stations. Some of the imaging packages we produce include: Station IDs, music promos, launch promos, comedy sketches, sweepers, liners, tags, etc.

All of our imaging is original and unique! Making your radio station stand out from the others. We have talented and experienced producers that can create imaging for any radio station regardless of format or language.

Our experienced audio engineers know the kind of imaging that work best for radio stations, podcasts, and they will help you select the best package for your company. All at a price you can live with. Do as so may others have done: Let BESD be the voice of your station!


Today’s infomercial industry is on fire and the growth of the infomercial format has been phenomenal. Why? Infomercials get results! Where else do you have the opportunity and time to show off, in detail, how your product(s) can benefit the consumer?

Infomercials have many elements in common: the product, the offer, the hosts, the testimonials, and the announcer. It is the announcer reading great copy that ties the entire infomercial together. The announcer is the voice that creates the interest, maintains the pacing, and prompts the viewer to act on the call to action (CTA).

Why take chances with just any voice to read for the announcer? Eliminate the risk of trying to deal with amateur talent by working with the professional, creative team at BESD.

The creative, professional voice team at BESD will tell your infomercial story in a personal, compelling, and expressive way, and always with the main goal in mind: Getting your phone to ring! The experienced team of voice artists, directors, and audio producers at BESD will add life and story to your script to help turn your listeners/viewers into buyers.

Free yourself from the hassle of trying to produce a professional result on your own. You’ll work directly with our casting director and audio engineers, who will produce your project based on your goals and specifications. We’ll do all the legwork from there, starting with providing you with the best selection of talented and creative voices to choose from. Once you have selected the perfect voice, we’ll take care of the recording sessions, any retakes, all the way through post production and delivery of the finished spots. Recording session direction can be provided by one of our in-house directors or if you would like to direct the sessions yourself, we can accommodate that as well. Working with tight deadlines is not a problem.

Work with the best! BESD will be there with you and your project every step of the way, from concept to completion, managing your production in a hands on manner. All our services are customized and comprehensive: Announcer, testimonials, commercials, and any other voiceover and audio production you require. Plus, voice reads are available in numerous accents, read styles, or foreign languages.

It’s time you benefited from the skill of the creative, imaginative team at BESD.


Voicemail Recording

You never get a second chance to make a first impression; often, that first impression is over the phone. Voicemail recording is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers and build your brand at the same time.

Our professional and dedicated producers and talents can create all types of recordings such as VoIP phone system recordings, welcome messages, phone greetings, voicemail greetings, after hours messages, night messages, out of office messages, answer machine messages, Christmas & Easter messages, menu prompts, on hold promotional messages, wait & queue messages, emergency announcements, etc.

BESD also offers celebrity impersonations from famed Las Vegas impressionist Rich Natole!

 We produce recordings for all types and sizes of businesses. We use the latest and most advanced technology for our voicemail recording which enables us to create and deliver these recordings in any format that suits your system. Our different professional voicemail talents will give your customers a professional sound and convey the message in the best way possible. Our recordings will make your customers feel appreciated whenever they listen to them.

Voiceover Services

Voiceover services are essential for every business or project. The voiceovers give your company or brand a professional sound that will attract the attention of customers and direct them to you. To get the best results, you need the best quality voiceover services from professional voice actors.

We have a wide range of professionals and talent who can record high quality voiceovers to suit your needs. If you are unable to choose which talent will record the best voiceovers for your project, we can help you select the best. Simply send us your script and project details and we will hunt down the best available talent for your project.

Our world class voice actors can record voiceovers for all types of businesses or projects in almost all languages including explainer videos, announcements, children stories, documentaries, product videos, presentations, movie trailers, jingles for commercials, radio or TV, corporate events, E-learning, in store audio, real estate videos, etc.


Radio commercials And TV commercials

 Radio commercials And TV commercials are essential marketing tools for any business or project. To get the best results from your commercials, they need to be produced by audio professionals who understand the main purpose of these commercials. We have the best audio specialists and talents in the industry that can create compelling commercials for radio and TV in no time.

Our wide range of sound effects and production music makes us able to create unique Radio commercials And TV commercials that can fit the requirements of any project. All our commercials are produced to the highest quality industry standards. Plus, we have a wide variety of background music that we can incorporate in your commercials to make your commercials unique and more compelling.

And BESD is fast! We have dedicated specialists who can produce as many high quality commercials as you may need, when you need them!

Once we create your commercials, there are no limits to how many times you can play them. "100% Buyout" means they are yours forever. No royalties; no residuals*. In addition, we can supply the radio commercials and TV commercials in any format of your choice.


 Getting the right person to record your E-Learning project is not easy. The quality of your electronic learning resources will determine the ease and comfort with which customers will learn about your company, products and services. It is always good to make your electronic learning materials easily accessible and readable by larger demographics from wherever they are.

We have several highly trained and experienced voice talents and project managers that can record high quality electronic learning materials for both small and large projects. Whether it is short project that describes how your products are used or a long project explaining the whole production process of your company products, we can handle them all.

Messages On Hold

 Every business uses any available opportunity to promote their brand and products. On hold messages are one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of promoting your business as your clients are put on hold or waiting in the queue for them to be served. You can use professionally recorded messages on hold to let your clients know about your products, offers or any announcements .

We have a wide range of creative producers and talents that produce catchy recordings that will deliver the intended messages to your clients on hold in the most professional way. Our messages on hold experts can create recordings that integrate promotional messages and music with great sound effects that complement each other to ensure that your products and services get promoted to your clients on hold in the most enjoyable way.

With our services, we turn your telephone into a powerful marketing tool. We can help you promote your business to your clients as their calls are put on hold. Everyone's time is valuable and we ensure that your on hold airtime is used most productively. 


*(See Terms and Conditions) 


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