Adele Poole

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Soothing, Trustworthy, Expressive, Kind, Warm, Inviting

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     aka:  “Adele Anne”

    Vocalist / Actor / Radio Host / Voiceovers / Spokesperson

     “Jersey Girl” Adele Poole has been in the entertainment business most of her life. She is a jazz/standards vocalist who has appeared at countless venues throughout the New England area.  After relocating to Los Angeles, she performed weekly at Brian Sheehan’s Eclectic Café as well as at other restaurants and special events.  Adele is also an actress who had a recurring role on the popular soap opera, “One Life To Live” and was featured in “Dance Your Pants Off” with Richard Simmons, on QVC and in several infomercials for his products. 

    Recently, she and her husband, Elvis Tribute Artist, Paige Poole were featured on the hit reality show, “Bad Ink” on A&E.

    In LA, as one of the “worker bees” at Universal Studios, she lent her creativity to many projects, including collaborating with Steven Spielberg on “Jurassic Park-The Ride” and with the Design Team for

    “Universal’s Islands of Adventure” in Orlando, FL.

    She has countless acting, singing and directing credits to her name. She beat Jon Bon Jovi in 2 talent shows back in NJ & then made out with him at a party.  He kisses better than he sings.

    Still in disbelief about marrying an “Elvis Impersonator”, she “takes care of business” for her “King”
    and cooks like a true Sicilian.  “Stay out of my *bleeping* kitchen!” is a phrase frequently heard
    by her neighbors.