Amber Alyson

When Amber Alyson’s voice first graced the airwaves producing commercials and PSAs in Sacramento, CA in the late ‘70s, people quickly sat up and took notice. She quickly evolved to become the first Black female disc jockey on a major commercial station in north-central California - KPOP FM, Sacramento.

Voice Description

Soothing, Trustworthy, Gentle, Expressive

Vocal Quality

Gentle and soothing, Amber's voice is one that draws you in and holds your attention.

Industry Specialties

  • Commercials
  • Audio Books
  • Radio
  • Documentary
  • Vocal Profile

    • Female  |  
    • Vocal Age Range: Any  |


    Born in the “Two days to drive across” state of Texas, Amber Alyson is grateful her family moved away before she was able to develop the “Texas accent.” At 5 yrs. old her parents loaded up the family and headed for Alaska, which was not a part of the U.S. then. It was in the little Eskimo village of Gambell, AK, where they were the only Americans and her parents were the only teachers, that Amber’s love of music kicked in for the first time.  A small transistor radio had been shipped to them along with other goods from the U.S.  One night she was able to  pick up a music station that was playing Elvis Presley’s brand new song, “Hound Dog.” Amber was hooked! But back then she had no idea how important music would become in her life.

    Having lived in nine different states one could tease that Amber Alyson is a “stately” person. Many years after Alaska as a teenager in California, Amber noted that often times her friends would complement her on her voice when they were on the phone. Not knowing what to make of it, she just thanked them and moved on with the conversation.

    It would still years later before Amber was given the first clue as to the role music would play in her life. While stationed (she’s an Army veteran) on the east coast at house parties she always compulsively gravitated toward the record player and gladly ended up playing the music. At one such party people began to ask “Who’s playing the music???” When they learned it was her it was exclaimed, “You’re good!! You should be on the radio!”  As nothing of the sort had ever occurred to her. She again just thanked them and went on with the music.

    Some years later, having moved back to California, she met (and much later married) a popular radio disc jockey and after hanging out with him a few months, she finally knew this is what she wanted to do.

    The next year, 1979, Amber Alyson’s voice graced the airwaves for the first time producing commercials and PSAs in Sacramento, CA. People quickly sat up and took notice! One day as she and another radio jock strolled through a park a stranger came up recognizing the jock.  When he introduced Amber to the stranger his eyes became wide and he pointed at her exclaiming, “You’re the lady with the voice!!” …


    Amber quickly evolved to become the first Black female disc jockey on a major commercial station in north-central California - KPOP FM, Sacramento. Since then Amber’s voice has graced the microphones of radio stations in three states, DCTV station in Davis, CA, and has been heard the world over via the internet as the owner, producer and hostess of “The Star Ship of Love” radio broadcast which first aired in Las Vegas, NV on KLAV AM in 2007. She left Las Vegas in the summer of 2009 only to return in 2015.  She is currently pursuing her goal of relaunching “The Star Ship of Love” and working with Black Eagle Sound Design.